Vancouver centenarians come together to celebrate milestones and memories

It is an exclusive club to be sure — and 18 Metro Vancouver centenarians came together Wednesday to celebrate centuries of milestones and memories and to share what it takes to make it past 100.

The group, ranging in age from 100 to 108 years old arrived to a music-filled red carpet ceremony at Normanna Home in Burnaby, walking or wheeling their way into the auditorium that was transformed into an Academy Awards-like ceremony.

“I think the younger generation is doing very well for itself,” said Matilda Molley, 104. She said the answer to good health is to live simply. And her secret to living a long life? “Good genes on both sides of the family.” (Ben Nelms/CBC)

Mozart Mimms will be celebrating his 101st birthday next week. Born in Allensville Kentucky in 1918, Mimms came to Canada and first worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway, eventually retiring from Via Rail as a service manager. (Alex Lamic/CBC)

It’s the first long-term care home in Canada to host a centenarian celebration, according to a news release from Normanna.

Cecelia Wikjord, 100, says you have to be able to enjoy life to live to 100. ‘Just have fun. That’s it,’ she said (Ben Nelms/CBC)

Peter Julian, the NDP MP for New Westminster-Burnaby said he was thrilled to take part in “an extraordinary event.”

“Its really a pleasure to sit down and talk about how they lived their lives, and learn from their wisdom and experience.” said Julian.

Surrounded by balloons and streamers, Paula Rosario celebrates being 104 years old with other centenarians at Normanna Home in Burnaby, April 24, 2019 (Ben Nelms/CBC)

Sayo Hattori, 105, speaks with MP Peter Julian during the centenarian celebrations. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

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