Utica, NY Deep Snow And Accidents – 2/7/2020

Powerful bombcyclone storm buries Utica, NY under deep snow. Multiple accidents, stranded motorists, people digging out stranded cars, emergency vehicles assisting people.

All footage shot in/near Utica, NY on February 7, 2020 during afternoon daylight by meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-8. various shots of people digging out vehicles stranded in deep snow in downtown Utica, NY

9-22. various shots of multiple accidents of vehicles in ditches, against rails, stuck in deep snow in Utica, NY

23 & 24. shots of snow plows clearing deep snow in Utica, NY

25-29. various shots of traffic and pedestrians in deep snow in Utica, NY


26 Replies to “Utica, NY Deep Snow And Accidents – 2/7/2020”

  1. Sad part in this clip was most of the vehicles of the road were 4wd. They’ll never stop driving like nut heads in the snow till they crash or injure themselves or others badly. It really isn’t that hard to use snow tires and drive with some sanity…..

  2. Oh hey, Genesee Street, 840 and 49!
    I'm just thankful this storm wasn't as bad as Stella in 2017. Utica was a huge mess for a good week getting all the streets back to at least two way streets.

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