Tornado Damage in Puckett, MS – 4/18/2019

Several tornadoes strike Mississippi, including a damaging tornado in Puckett, MS: footage of tornadic storm that produced a tornado in Puckett MS, vehicles off interstate roadway from storm, and damage in and around Puckett MS from tornado.

All footage shot in and around Puckett MS area (including Meridian MS) during evening daylight on April 18, 2019 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-4. various shots of tornadic storm with ‘tornado sirens’ audible in Meridian MS after producing a tornado in Puckett

5. slow motion lightning shot from tornadic storm in Meridian

6 & 7. pushed-in shots of heavy downpour from tornadic storm in Meridian

8 & 9. various POV driving shots with torrential downpour from tornadic storm near Meridian MS

10 & 11. various shots of car in highway ditch with emergency assistance near Puckett MS

12. driving shot of semi-truck (tractor trailer) flipped over after losing control near Puckett MS

13-16. various shots of roof damage to farms in Puckett MS from a tornado

17-20. various shots of trees uprooted from a tornado in Puckett MS

21-25. various shots of utility crews trying to repair poles, lines and clear debris from a tornado in Puckett MS

26-30. various shots of lightning from severe storms in Mississippi after dark

SID: Simon Brewer


8 Replies to “Tornado Damage in Puckett, MS – 4/18/2019”

  1. Just for the record, With tornadoes in the south, it could have been a lot worse Paris yes some trees got up rooted , Building last part of the roofs .But it could have been total devastation! Thank God it wasn’t

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