Rochelle, IL Winter Storm – 1/11/2020

Powerful winter storm system hammers Midwest with snow and ice, and causes severe storms and tornadoes in the South. Footage of winter storm with heavy snow, accidents, and dangerous driving conditions near Rochelle, IL.

All footage shot in/near Rochelle, IL during evening darkness on January 11, 2020 by meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

1-4. various shots of accidents with police and wreckers assisting vehicles with heavy snow falling near Rochelle, IL

5-10. various shots of traffic on snow-covered highways with heavy snow falling near Rochelle, IL during dangerous driving conditions.

11. shot of snow plow clearing highway and spreading salt with snow falling near Rochelle, IL

12. shot of fuel pumps with heavy snow blowing and falling

13-18. various shots of heavy snow falling near Rochelle, IL

19. POV driving shot of snow plow


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