Northern Chicago, IL Metro Huge Waves And Flooding – 1/11/2020

A complex weather scenario on the north side of the Chicago Metro area that lead to ideal conditions along the shores of Lake Michigan for a Lake-Shore Flood Warning to be issued by the National Weather Service in Chicago.

Significant lake-shore flooding resulting from strong north to northeast winds frequently gusting to 40 to 50 mph have built waves to 14 to 18 feet with occasional waves up to 23 feet.

The winds and large battering waves combined with near record high lake levels exacerbated already significant beach and shoreline erosion sustained in the past several months.

Vulnerable structures along the shore have been heavily damaged. Also flood prone paths and roads along the lake were susceptible to lengthy closures due to the long duration of high winds and waves.
Shot Description

Shots 1-4 – Close up shots of waves battering Elder Lane Park and Beach in Wilmette, Illinois

Shot 5 – Shot of waves battering a pier at the Glencoe Boathouse in Glencoe, Illinois

Shots 6-7 – Walkway to Glencoe Beach closed due to flooding and high waves with plastic window coverings blown out from the high winds in Glencoe, Illinois

Shots 8-14 – Shots of large, battering waves affecting the Kenilworth Beach structure in Kenilworth, Illinois

Shots 15-17 – Shots of debris lining the walkway at Northwestern University Lincoln Street Beach in Evanston, Illinois

Shots 18-21 – POV shots of large battering waves crashing onto Sheridan Road in Chicago, Illinois

Shot 22 – Close up shot of wave action from Sheridan Road in Hubbard Woods, Illinois

Shots 23-24 – Elevated water levels resulting in flooding at the U.S. Coast Guard station in Wilmette, Illinois


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  1. One forgets that Lake Michigan is "only" a lake when you see this. It's more like an inland sea. Climate change is real, and these scenarios will be occurring more and more as time goes on.

  2. If this keeps up, that waterfront facade will wash away in less than 50 years. Amazing how modern structures can easily be reduced back to sand/dust by mother nature and we wonder why there arne't many signs of past civilizations.

    Look at the beautiful canals in the grand canyon. all shaped by water from the past.

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