Denver International Airport Funnel Tornado – 5/26/2019

A funnel cloud, most likely a tornado at some point due to being half way to the ground, passed just south of Denver International Airport. A tornado warning was issued for the airport.

Shot Description
Shot 1: Mid shot on funnel cloud passing just south of Denver International Airport

Shot 2: Tighter shot of shot 1, showing spinning of the funnel even better.

Shot 3: Later stages of the funnel cloud, becoming smaller but still reaching for the ground.

Shot 4: Hail hitting vehicles and heavy rain flooding the road.

Shot 5: Rotating wall cloud with lightning strike near end of clip

Shot 6: Driving shot toward forming wall cloud

Shot 7: Rapidly rotating wall cloud with white funnel taking shape in top of shot

Shot 8: Time-lapse of shot 7 showing impressive rotation

SID: Meteorologist Brandon Sullivan


10 Replies to “Denver International Airport Funnel Tornado – 5/26/2019”

  1. They reported a brief touchdown just south of the airport and 3 inches of hail on the runways. I didn't see a warning box for the airport, but i guess the corner of the box was in Denver county….barely

  2. Englewood CO at 2130 got nickel sized hail and a big push of water that lasted about 10 minutes. my patio has 2 inches of standing water precautions taken, no damages to precious plants in the garden. Hostas do not like Hail. oh HAIL NO

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