Bomb Cyclone hits Syracuse, NY Heavy Snow & Lots Of Accidents – 2/7/2020

Heavy snow and ice cause widespread accidents and treacherous travel conditions in Syracuse, NY from a powerful ‘Bombcyclone’ hitting the region.

All footage shot during morning daylight hours in Syracuse, NY by meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-15. various shots of multiple accidents from cars sliding into each other or off roads and highways, some with emergency assistance in Syracuse, NY

16-22. various shots of pedestrians and traffic navigate treacherous conditions in downtown Syracuse, NY with low visibility, heavy snow falling, on snow and ice-covered roads

23. snow plow clearing ice and snow from highway in Syracuse NY

24. traffic passing highway sign warning of winter storm in Syracuse NY

25. traffic in very heavy snow on highway in Syracuse NY


24 Replies to “Bomb Cyclone hits Syracuse, NY Heavy Snow & Lots Of Accidents – 2/7/2020”

  1. I live in Germany, we haven't had any snow yes therefor 3 days of a strong storm. We always used to get a lot of snow. Last yer one or two days of maybe an inch and this year nothing and it is way to mild. I love this video and the fact that most of these people don't know how to drive.

  2. God damn it, stop with the bomb cyclone B.S. Just because the idiots at The "Weather Ch" and their sub companies do it, doesn't mean you have you lower yourselves to their level. What's next, coverage of a fake named winter storm, or saying we're chasing on a day with the fake tornado torcon term. Stop it, you're supposed to be better than that.

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