Wilson-Raybould shares texts, audio and statement related to SNC-Lavalin controversy

Former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould submitted material to the House justice committee which is investigating the SNC-Lavalin controversy. Her submission was released publicly and includes a written statement, along with text messages and a secretly recorded phone call with Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick.
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41 Replies to “Wilson-Raybould shares texts, audio and statement related to SNC-Lavalin controversy”

  1. TRUDEAU: We must not do anything against SCN-we need to save all those jobs in Qubec
    ME: What about the pipeline and all the jobs lost in Calgary
    ME: ???
    *crickets can be heard in the background

  2. This scandal is much deeper than we Canadians realize,,,,,, it involves a secret deal for Lavalin to buy the $5 billion taxpayer funded Trans Mountain pipeline which was grossly over priced. Obvious that many well placed Liberals will gain great wealth when Lavalin stock greatly increases in value.

  3. She needs to go!!! This is not a scandal! Get over it already quit politics if you can't take the heat of the job. This is not my idea of pressure. Stop being so self righteous…get on with the business of running the country. Take a look next door (USA).

  4. Thank goodness a woman actually reveals the criminal mindsets of Canadian politicians and prime minister…no MP in Ottawa would want any truth brought out about how all of parliament… functions on lies for criminal companies'like SNC … right in our own backyard.

  5. SNC Lavalin has a history of bribing governments to get contracts. If convicted they won't get any Canadian contracts for a while. Mr. Trudeau thought they should not be convicted, against the advice of his Attorney General and Minister of justice. The government has a sad history of throwing money at failing businesses, without much concern for taxpayers. Good thing I didn't vote Liberal, ever.

  6. Wilson-Raybould shouldn't have leaked this audio.
    Even though the Liberal Party was leaking audios before her in an attempt to discredit her – she shouldn't have done it.
    She was caught in a trap aimed at making her lose her head and play their game.

  7. the RCMP can verify this recorded conversation as unaltered and true ……… simply by comparing to their recording ! 😮
    Trudeau's Privy council chamber is bugged too …. (( the mens washroom)), where lots of interesting conversations / policies do take place – lol

  8. 4:15 min in… lies… spin… it IS obvious to anyone with an open mind that the phone call WAS threats. In the first minute he threatens her job. If I say "I'm going to replace you if you don't do what I say" with a smile on my face, and in a pleasant tone it's STILL a threat!!! Tone is just PART of it! How about not putting your spin on it! CBC needs to be DEFUNDED. I don't want my tax dollars being paid to support state propaganda… report the damn news… that's IT! Quit spinning it to be positive… your JOB is to report on everything. DIG into a story (like the Globe and Mail that broke this story).

  9. So it's wrong to record someone else's corruption? How about not committing a crime and therefore no recording would have been needed. it's PROOF of the intent of the call. You can't SPIN the PROOF. She did contact the PM and tell him to stop pressuring her.

  10. Of course CBC doesn't playback the most obvious veiled threat within the first minute of the recording where he says "we will get it done one way or another"… a total threat of her job…

  11. Hey that sexiest pig Trudeau just fired two woman for being truthful and standing up for our country but not one group standing up for them only captain marvel get millions of support like wtf

  12. its extremely easy for me to have the correct answer here; anyone who has risen through the ranks of modern mainstream canadian hierarchy, be it trudeau, raybould, or any one of those ppl, is a sellout piece of useless trash. They're ALL playing power politics. thank you for reading. 😀

  13. Wow! Even the publicly funded propaganda wing of the Liberal Party of Canada, oh, I mean the CBC, can’t ignore this story….. but they sure spin it. What was that t shirt you pose in Justin? “This is what a feminist looks like”? 😆There is a god and s/he has a great sense he of irony.

  14. A narrative not being discussed is that a left learning biased (socialist) doctrine results in no ability to objectively evaluate their arguments just dogmatic dialogue and spin to rationalize their position to CYA, cover your (their) asses,….it's not unique to politicians but all individuals of this ilk…..this is why it's not good to discuss politics and other topics in general terms with them, because their sensitive (little) characters become offended and their backs get pinned to the wall when their logic and ability to critically evaluate issues below the first "epidermal" layer fails i.e. they aren't used to thinking too deeply about issues or as I'm arguing, being open to opinions not aligned with their own. Then the "verbal" fight can be on.

  15. Justine Turdhole, us a failure as a prime minister of Canada. It's time for him to go to being a part time kindergarten drama teacher. He is unfit for public office!

  16. So the science is in. Justin Trudeau dabbled in dictatorship, and he's still walking around a free man and PM of Canada.
    What the hell is going on, Canada?

  17. They tried to say there was no pressure..if she hadn't of taped..she'd look like liar..against PM…now PM and some liberal staff have lost all trust from Canadians..looks good on THEM

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