Wichita, KS Icy Road Morning Rush Hour Crashes – 12/16/2019

Round two of a large winter storm brought snow to south-central Kansas with over 3-inches reported in Wichita. That snow closed dozens of schools and businesses across the region, but still made a mess of the morning commute. Numerous slide-offs occurred in the city due to the slick conditions a day after one person was killed in a wreck blamed on freezing drizzle Sunday morning.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: Driving by a two car wreck on I-135 near 21st around sunrise.

Scene 3-5: Spin out on westbound Kellogg/US-400 near West Street.

Scene 6-8: SUV well off I-235 in north Wichita with a pickup truck trying to assist with stranded driver.

Scene 9-13: Fender-bender crash with a sedan that rear-ended a pickup truck on the off-ramp from I-135 to 13th Street.

Scene 14-17: SUV slide off into median of I-235 near Zoo Blvd. Passenger side tires nearly pulled off rims.

Scene 18-21: SUV slides off on-ramp to Kellogg/US-400 from Meridian/Edwards.

Scene 22-24: Nighttime snowplow shots from area highways.

Scene 25-26: Snow plow clearing parking lot in north Wichita.

Scene 27: Dashcam POV driving in snow at night.

Scene 28-29: Generic nighttime snow falling shots.


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