Wernick to step down in wake of SNC-Lavalin controversy | Power & Politics

Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick is retiring from his post as Canada’s top bureaucrat after accusations from opposition MPs that his testimony in the SNC-Lavalin probe was overly partisan. Wernick says there is “no path” for him to have a “relationship of mutual trust and respect” with opposition leaders.
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33 Replies to “Wernick to step down in wake of SNC-Lavalin controversy | Power & Politics”

  1. well of course Trudeau wants to congratulate Wernick on a career of invaluable service. without shills like him the Liberals couldn't have bent over Canadians again and again for the past 4 years.

  2. It's about time this arrogant lying sexist fundamentalist warning, I mean Wernick, is outted from such a powerful position of trust and authority. He has been in a position of trust and abused that trust for far too long. We must take great care about who and what we employ in our government positions of trust. There has been far too much corruption and cover ups in the legal and medical authorities. Thank all our Gods these creepers are being exposed and terminated. It is time to usher in a safer, just, cleaner, more compassionate and benevolent society and government representatives that uphold this values of fairness and justice and benevolence for all not just the rich sexist corporate pigs that are corrupt and pollute our lands.

  3. LOL 😂 HIS
    Anyone else notice the woman moves and speaks like Trudeau…same training?
    Why is CBC even putting this on when they are standing on Trudeau’s side, clearly!

  4. Wernick not only 'carried water for the Trudeau Liberals" , he also got on his knees, unzipped their trousers while he bathed in their warm golden showers! Bathing for $$$$$$$$ 😉

  5. You can run Wernick but you can't hide, you blatantly interfered in a criminal prosecution of SNC Lavalin, you need to go to jail with the rest of your cohorts, you know who they are!!

  6. It's becoming quite clear that Justin Trudeau holds the Democratic Traditions of Canada in VERY LOW REGARD.. He is showing the People of Canada how He would prefer to see the RULE of LAW enacted as opposed to how Canada and it's Citizens originally accepted Canada as a Country of the World.. His Political Ideals hold NO Regard to Canada's Sovereignty and NATIONALISTIC Ideals.. He is a PRO Globalist that is all in FAVOR of REMOVING Canada's Citizen's Charter of Rights and Democracy..

  7. 2 Wernick's gone!….. Paul his son tried to take his life 2x working under Francis Drouin once right at work on Parliament Hill….. Warnick was a globalist and not in a good way.  I feel sorry for his son what a gruesome man!!! One more down 23 or 24 left to go let's go Canada !!!!!

  8. trudoe can't unmuzzle Jodie, she will tell the truth, scares the hell out of him, Justine it's ok to accept failure, you did try, a bit too young, too green, but everyone learns, LET HER SPEAK, SIGN WAIVER

  9. Obviously, Justin Trudeau never did have any integrity. It has been all lies since the beginning.
    Everybody else in the country is held accountable for their actions. Why not the Prime Minister?

  10. Trudeau hired his son. CBC was instructed by Trudeau not to let Canadians know. Wonder why CBC cannot figure out things anyone online can figure out in 5 minutes? I dont… they have been bribed by Trudeau with billions of our money

  11. Wernick didn't step down in the wake. He jumped off the bow and is going to be run down by the boat and go through the propellers. The remnants of the LIEberal party of Canada will be floating in the wake.

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