Wedge Tornado, near Jay Em, Wyoming – 9/10/2019

A series of large, strong tornadoes impacted areas in eastern Wyoming, north of Cheyenne. This video shows numerous angles of a significant tornado ripping through the Wyoming countryside.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Moving shot out passenger side of large tornado approaching

Shot 2: Stationary wide shot of large tornado with large barrel rotation above

Shot 3: Moving shot becoming stationary of tornado becoming wrapped in rain and approaching

Shot 4: Mid shot of tornado forming under rapidly rotating wall cloud

Shot 5: Mid shot of tornado forming with numerous vortices dancing around

Shot 6: Wide shot of large wedge tornado in progress

Shot 7: Wide shot of tornado formation

Shot 8: Mid shot becoming wide of large tornado with impressive rotating column

SID: Meteorologist Brandon Sullivan


9 Replies to “Wedge Tornado, near Jay Em, Wyoming – 9/10/2019”

  1. Eloy Az was practically destroyed yrs ago. Eloy is a suburb of Phoenix. It shocked a lot of people cuz nobody knew that Az could have tornadoes until it hit Eloy. My point is this, if Wyoming has tornadoes, then tornadoes can occur just about anywhere. Wow long comment. Sorry about that.😬

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