Weather Time Lapse of Dry Microburst Near Trona, CA on July 1st 2013 in HD

This is a Time Lapse showing a thunderstorm coming towards Ridgecrest from the east. It microburst over Searles Lakebed (Near Pinnacles), and made a dust cloud on the southern end of town. The storm continued towards Ridgecrest, but turned to the south, and died before reaching town. This is a cropped version, so you can see the actual microburst and the dust cloud generated from it. This Time Lapse was taken near the Burro Ranch to the East of Ridgecrest, Looking East. When I started this time lapse, what originally make me want to photograph it was the partial rainbow. I was quite suprised when I realized I was also capturing a dry microburst. A Dry Microburst is when a storm colapses and as a column of cool air rushes to the ground the water droplets evaporates before reaching the ground.

The next day, a large thunderstorm developed in the same area, and produced a microburst (Similar to what is in this video) in Ridgecrest, CA. The results of the July 2nd Microburst was heavy winds that damaged several power poles and knocked out power to China Lake for nearly 18 hours. The winds also obliterated a solar panel array on top of a church.

What does a Microburst look like at ground zero? Video by HighDesertNews:

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