Water levels continue to recede along Ottawa River

The City of Ottawa is asking volunteers helping with flood control to take a break during this warm, dry weekend as floodwaters continue to drop.

Since last week, residents in the Ottawa-Gatineau area have been battling destructive floods that damaged homes and businesses across the region.

After weeks of rising waters, the Ottawa River finally peaked Thursday, and the Ottawa River Regulation and Planning Board said levels have begun to decline in many areas.

As of early Saturday morning, the City of Gatineau reported that water levels in five hydrometric stations have receded by about 10 centimetres in the last 24 hours and 20 centimetres in the past 48 hours.

Further decline possible

Despite receding waters, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority is maintaining its flood warning.

The agency noted that levels are expected to decline over the next two to three weeks, but further flooding is possible if significant rainfall occurs. 

The agency also stated Friday that water levels have already receded in Constance Bay, Britannia and Cumberland, as well as in Clarence-Rockland and Alfred and Plantagenet, on the Ontario side of the river. 

The agency also stated that from Mattawa, Ont., to Lac Coulonge, levels are expected to begin rising again over the next few days due to snow melt from reservoirs in the Abitibi-Timiskaming region of Quebec.

Residents are asked to keep their sandbags in place for least the next two weeks.

Water levels have begun to recede along most of the Ottawa River, including in the Pointe-Gatineau neighbourhood in Gatineau, Que., where houses were severely affected by the devastating floods. (Jean-François Poudrier/Radio-Canada)

Some Quyon residents return home 

Many residents forced to leave their village of Quyon, Que., were finally able to return home Saturday.

More than 100 residents had been living away from the village after concerns that a nearby dike could fail. 

After ensuring the dike was in stable condition, the Municipality of Pontiac lifted the evacuation order for several streets in the village.

The dike will be regularly monitored by the Canadian Armed Forces and the public works department, the municipality said.

Emergency measures lifted

Some of the emergency measures put in place to deal with the major flooding are being lifted.

The City of Ottawa is asking volunteers to take a break this weekend after several days of sandbagging and emergency response.

The city said volunteers will be needed again soon to help flood victims deal with the flood’s aftermath.

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