UN weighs in on Venezuela’s political crisis

The UN security council held a special debate to discuss who should be president of Venezuela, incumbent Nicolas Maduro or opposition leader Juan Guaido.
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39 Replies to “UN weighs in on Venezuela’s political crisis”

  1. The problems in Venezuela have been building for some time so many of them taking refuge in Peru having ignored the crisis does not give people a right to criticize the people for removing a corrupt person from power to save themselves. If Canada wants to virtue signal why are they not supporting the sovereignty of Venezuela? God bless them.

  2. I wish the CBC would stop such biased reporting. Guaidø did not "self-proclaim" himself as president. He is assuming the presidency as written in the Venezuelan Constitution. He is invoking articles 233, 333, and 350 which requires the President of the National Assembly, which is Guaido, to assume the presidency in the absence of a sitting president. He has the duty to assume the presidency because the 2018 elections were not legitimate elections. Therefore, as of January 9th, 2019 Venezuela had no legitimate president. If the CBC does not agree with this, then write an OpEd, but don't call it news.

  3. Why has Canada and the USA recognize Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras who took power in a coup and then in his first election suspended ballot counting after his opponent began closing the gap even with substantial interference. People are leaving Honduras, something that clear bothers Trump. So why Venezuela which there is far from a consensus on any grievous wrong doing on Maduro's part rather than Honduras?

    The answer is because we don't care about democracy or human rights, as long as their someone pliant and greed willing to sell off their nations resource and suppress wages we are delighted.

  4. For once maybe let the people of Venezuela decide what they want in their country. This would have never happened if they didn’t have the largest oil reserves on the planet. That’s why they need regime change. This juan guy who the Americans are pushing to be president already has a agenda where he would let American companies in Venezuela that’s the real reason why maduro must go according to you folks.

  5. China and Russia are going to support Maduro because both Countries have lent VZLA billions of dollars and which will only be paid back with Maduro in power. I believe at this point China has agreed to partially take Oil in lieu of Cash payments due to concerns about the lack of access to hard Foreign Currency needed to repay these debts. About 2 years ago, give or take, the International Community was warned by the only legitimate governing body, the National Assembly, that any public debt/loans incurred by Nicolas without the NA's approval would be subject to a declaration of nullity and most likely not be repaid in the event of a change of Govt. This is perfectly legitimate reason to deny repayment as only the National Assembly can approve loans and repayments as stated in the 1999 Constitution. Article 187 deals with financial responsibilities assigned the National Assembly and what limits the Executive Branch must abide by. This would be a form of Checks and Balances. The Constitution rightly assigns this function to the Legislative Branch and not the Executive nor Judicial Branches. In particular, the National Assembly, the only Legitimate Legislative Body elected by the VZLAn people.

  6. Why is canada getting on board with this illegal outright resource grab being engineered by the united states of israel deposing a legitimate government to install another puppet regime shame on us in canada

  7. Lift sanctions against Venezuela you jerks! World criminals shouldn't have any say, there was no accountability in the Iraq invasion, massacre and looting – the empire profits from crimes so why would they stop? The criminal CIA is being funded and still in business as usual – what a barbaric world we live in!

  8. More propaganda from MSM!  Reality, this sh*t is coming to an American city near you!   Supported by the New Socialist Party (Former Democrats).  Going to awesome to watch the SJWs, LGBTQR2s, and other losers suffer = equally!

  9. This goes to prove reality is stranger than fiction.you have to be a dumbell not to see the plain truth.the rest of the world would be wise also to realise and take notes on how week and unwilling the u.n is when america is involved.

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