Tropical Storm Arthur, Cape Hatteras, NC – 5/18/2020

Tropical Storm Arthur: big crashing waves, high winds blowing signs & street lights, heavy rain, street flooding, and dark storm clouds racing over Hatteras, NC.

All footage shot during morning daylight on May 18, 2020 in/near Hatteras, NC by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-4. various shots of huge crashing waves from close Tropical Storm Arthur scraping Hatteras, NC

5. flag and palm trees blown by gusty high winds from Tropical Storm Arthur

6. dark storm band from Arthur moving over Hatteras, NC

7. palm tree blown by high winds from Arthur over Hatteras, NC

8. stop sign shaking in high winds

9 & 10. street lights swaying in high winds from Tropical Storm Arthur

11-13. traffic driving through minor street flooding from Tropical Storm Arthur

14-18. various shots of blowing dune grass, houses and dark cloud bands from Arthur moving onshore over Hatteras, NC

19. Famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse shrouded in heavy rain from Tropical Storm Arthur

20. POV driving shots of traffic and heavy rain bands from Arthur

21. flooded road from heavy Arthur

22. Barometer showing pressure dropping to 1001.8 mb as center of Tropical Storm Arthur passes close to Cape Hatteras, NC


11 Replies to “Tropical Storm Arthur, Cape Hatteras, NC – 5/18/2020”

  1. I love watching your storm videos! It makes me feel like I’m in the storm without being in it.

    I’d rather watch the actual, raw footage like this than the heavily-edited, soundbite versions with too much headline and commentary filler shown in news media.

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