Tornadic Storms over Western, KS – 4/28/2019

Severe storms erupted across northwest Kansas Sunday afternoon and moved southeast across the state into the nighttime hours. Storms produced large hail, wind gusts approaching 80mph, and two reported tornadoes near Goodland.

Video package starts with nighttime footage of a tornado-warned storm in Ness City, KS (south of Wakenney), then follows up with daytime footage of tornado-producing storm near Russell Springs.
Shot Description

PART 1 (0:00-1:11) Ness City, KS (Ness County) South of Wakeeney

Scene 1: Wide shot in town as tornadic storm moves in with wind and hail, great NAT of tornado sirens blairing.

Scene 2-5: Various shots with NAT tornado sirens of wind and hail hitting Ness City.

Scene 6: Motorcyclist waiting out storm in town.

Scene 7: Hail falling on highway on south side of town.

Scene 8: POV driving through falling hail on south side of Ness City.

PART 2 (1:12-2:33) Russell Springs, KS (Logan County) South of Oakley

Scene 9: Wide shot of supercell structure of tornado-warned storm near Russell Springs.

Scene 10: Panning shot of storm structure.

Scene 11: Ragged clouds under the storm

Scene 12: Blowing dust on the leading edge of the storm.

Scene 13: Tight shot of blowing dust by silos.

Scene 14: Shot of approaching dust plume.

Scene 15: Field debris being blown into windshield.

Scene 16: Field debris blowing across highway near Russell Springs as truck drives into shot.

Scene 17: POV driving shot as van drives into blowing dust on the highway.

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  1. Your crap you have wrote all over the screen ruins it, what all of that boils down to is, there is not love for the chase anymore it’s all about “ who’s gonna write the check for my videos? “.

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