‘The moose was really stuck’: Video shows daring rescue near Sioux Lookout, Ont.

Moose are well adapted to life in the north.

Those long legs and the great size of the animals make them able to plow through deep snow and swim across large lakes.This video shot by Anne Rae of Sioux Lookout, shows a moose being rescued off Hwy 72, at moose creek. The moose was freed from the mud it was stuck in with the help of 5 men who used ropes and logs. 1:44

But every once and a while, even a moose runs into trouble and that is exactly what happened to one adult moose last Saturday near Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

Anne Rae, from Sioux Lookout, video taped a moose that was stuck and being rescued.

“We were heading to Dryden and we saw all this commotion on the highway and we pulled over and started taking pictures and video,” she said. “At first there were 4 guys. They were out in the marshy area and they were trying to rescue the moose because he was stuck in there.”

The animal was stuck in the mud of a creek along Highway 72, and looked to be mired.

Luckily, several men spent a few hours of their time getting the animal out of the mud and back to the bush.

“(The moose) was pretty stuck,” said Rae. “I don’t think it could get out. It looked like they were having a hard time getting the moose out. They had ropes and one of the guys ran into the bush to go cut some logs and they were using logs to hoist him out I think.”

In the video, the moose is seen being helped out of the water with ropes by the men, then gets up and looks a little disoriented as the rescuers try to lead it away from water.

Finally the moose heads for the bush and disappears. Rae said she does not see a lot of moose these days, and was glad this situation had a happy ending.

“I just wanted to thank those men that took their time to help out the moose,” said Rae. “I don’t know who they are but I think Sioux Lookout is proud of them and I am proud of them too for taking their time, and helping somebody who was helpless.”

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