Storm Glass Sold on Amazon : Time Lapse of Weather Glass Predictor

Storm Glass sold on Amazon. Time lapse video review of Constantinople Weather Glass Predictor.

Weather glass likewise known as storm glass weather forecaster is an antique weather instrument. It was made famous by the great English scientist Admiral Robert Fitzroy.

Who demonstrated that if set up, undisturbed, in a well-ventilated room or, preferably, in the outer air. The chemical mixture in the weather forecasting storm glass, changes in character with the way of the wind.

The state of crystallization within the liquid inside the weather glass is linked to the weather changes. If you study the formations of crystals inside the glass tube. You will be able to forecast the approaching weather changes.

If you observe the weather glass predictor as the atmospheric current moves toward or comes from the polar direction. You will notice that the chemical mixture inside grows like fir, yew, fern leaves or like crystallization. Before or during northerly winds, the patterns are beautiful. If the storm glass is duly placed and the least motion of the liquid disturbs the crystals. (The same as at the end of this video.)

As the wind tends more from the opposite quarter. The lines or spikes, all hard or crisp features gradually decrease till they vanish. If you watch tempo drop weather crystal in a continued southerly wind. You will see that the mixture sinks slowly downward in the vial. Till it becomes shapeless, like melting white sugar. (The same as at the beginning of this video.)

Storm Glass Weather Forecast bottle consists of a special liquid placed inside a sealed transparent glass. Even now so little complete use is made of the instrument. Many barometers and thermometers often show what may be expected a day or even days in advance. Rather than the weather of the present or next few hours.

Weather Glass teardrop is not influenced by pressure like barometers. Nor entirely by temperature like thermometers. Electrical tension that is being caused in the air during weather changes. Believed to be another element that affects admiral Fitzroy`s Weather Glass device.

Temperature affects the mixture much but not entirely. Examples of winter with summer changes of temperature can prove to you. It is advisable to consider this for any weather forecaster. That is trying to foretell the coming weather by a change of crystals inside a weather teller glass.

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