Spin Outs And Crashes On Icy Roads In Wichita, KS – 2/20/2020

Snow and ice lead to a nightmare morning commute as dozen of accidents occurred across Wichita-area highways leading to the closure of several major routes in the city for several hours during the morning. Cars were scattered all over the area as many slid off roads and crashed. Snow totals were less than 2-inches in the city, but the ice made for an extremely hazardous commute.
Shot Description

Clip 1: White SUV trying to get traction near a crash scene slides sideways in front of the camera right on I-235.

Clip 2: White SUV gathering itself and turning straight down I-235.

Clips 3-4: The two car crash involving a pickup truck and a black car in the median of I-235 where the SUV slid sideways in previous clips.

Clips 5-6: POV windshield shots of white pickup truck spinning tires trying to get up a hill.

Clip 7: POV windshield shot as camera person drives car and gently nudges the truck from behind to help it get up the hill.

Clip 8-11: Shots of vehicles struggling to get up an icy hill near I-235 in west Wichita. Shots include tight shots of cars spinning tires along with wider views as multiple vehicles are struggling or stuck.

Clips 12-14: Pickup truck crashed into the trees in the median of I-235 and K-96.

Clips 15-17: Police SUV and tow truck at scene of a single vehicle crash involving a blue pickup truck off the side of I-235.

Clips 18-22: Two vehicle crash involving a church bus and a gold car at the base of an off-ramp from I-235.

Clips 23-27: Shots of a tow truck pulling a white utility truck up a hill out of the median from SB I-235.

Clips 28-29: Black pickup truck spun 180-degrees off the side of SB I-235.

Clips 30-31: A white car and a FedEx semi stuck on ice on the ramp from eastbound US-54 to NB I-235.

Clips 32-34: Backup on the ramp with a police officer showing up and walking car-to-car behind the FedEx truck and white car.

Clips 35-36: K-DOT sign warning drivers of icy bridges and ramps.


40 Replies to “Spin Outs And Crashes On Icy Roads In Wichita, KS – 2/20/2020”

  1. as a delivery driver for 2 years i kept Cat Litter in my car when it snowed or Ice. Many times i was stuck and would coat the tires as best i could with the litter and After a few tries my car would coast on through. and this technique going up some bad hills and down them as well.

  2. Every comment section on “snow driving” videos is the same. The reality is folks, most people are not “terrible” drivers, most people don’t have bald or summer tires, most people DO know how to drive in the snow, especially in places like this. There’s just certain situations where the weather is too severe for even good drivers or well maintained cars to handle it. Certainly some of these folks were going too fast or don’t know how to handle this weather, but I’ve driven in the snow in a 2003 Chevy Malibu, and 2011 Kia Soul, a 2012 Prius C, a 2013 Cadillac ATS and a 2019 Buick Enclave. Only one of those cars, the Enclave, had AWD, and while it inspires confidence and definitely assisted in getting out of an unpaved parking lot, anything else could’ve been and has been handled by the FWD and RWD vehicles mentioned above.

  3. OMG, WTF. Kansas weather and Flat land.. No matter how many times people are reminded , KEEP YOUR DISTANCES.. they don't care! Kansas drivers rather have wrecks then Not.

  4. I live in Wichita and it was bad but the roads did clear up by noon that day. And if they would just drive slow they would be ok but no not Wichita. We have sun they drive slow, we have snow or ice they drive fast here.

  5. It never ceases to make me laugh at those fools on summer tires.
    "I have a $60,000 4wd truck so i don't need winter tires" LMAO!
    No wonder mankind has advanced so slowly.
    When they can't even understand tires there is just no hope.

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