Southern Minnesota Hail And Tornado Warned Storms Damage – 6/2/2020

B-Roll footage from the severe and tornado warned storms in Southern Minnesota today. Footage includes Large 2″ Hail, Hail Fog, Extreme Dust that was being called the tornado and Storm Damage.
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Shot Description

00:00 – 2″ Hail Near Mankato, Minnesota.
00:29 – 2″ Hail, Hail Fog and Hail Blanketing the Road Near Mankato, Minnesota. Difficult driving conditions.
00:54 – Wall Cloud or Funnel Near Austin, Minnesota.
01:04 – Extreme Inflow With A Lot of Dust Near Austin, Minnesota. Dark and streaming across the road and landscape.
01:12 – Roll Cloud with Sheriff and Commercial Vehicle Tow Truck for Overturned Tractor-Trailer Near Austin, Minnesota. Sunlight backdrop.
01:26 – Large Machine Shed and Power Pole Damage Near Austin, Minnesota. Lightning in background.


16 Replies to “Southern Minnesota Hail And Tornado Warned Storms Damage – 6/2/2020”

  1. One shot that had police vehicle in middle of road, was that Lansing corner supper club on 218 north? I live in Austin and we had between nickel and quarter size hail some bigger! I have some shingle damage on my roof!🤦

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