Severe Thunderstorm Hits Queens, NY – 4/9/2020

Footage of shelf cloud, heavy rain, people running and walking in rain.

All footage shot in Queens, NYC, NY during afternoon daylight on April 9, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-4. various shots of shelf cloud moving over Queens

5. shot of Triboro/RFK Bridge and East River from Astoria Park, Queens looking at storm engulfing Manhattan in rain and high winds

6-16. various shots of heavy rain, storm, people running and walking in severe-warned t-storm in Astoria Park, Queens


18 Replies to “Severe Thunderstorm Hits Queens, NY – 4/9/2020”

  1. Dang I missed the chat ! Lol this weather is a piece of cake compared to those hurricanes SCV drives thru..Stay safe my friend,keep them great vids comin' ,Florida wishes you well.

  2. Had a friend who worked at FX on the Rescue Me crew (Denis Leary show). One of those is where they filmed a scene Astoria Park.. great show to watch if youre hunkered down. I enjoy these static shots, thanks very much.

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