Severe Storms Slam Howard Beach – Queens, NY – 7/22/2020

Severe thunderstorms ripped through the NYC Metro area during the early evening hours with intense lightning and damaging winds. Video was shot along Jamaica Bay in Howard Beach, NY (Queens County) as the storms moved through.
Shot Description
Shot 1: Cloud to ground lightning strikes Jamaica Bay in Howard Beach, NY.
Shots 2-4: People run for cover as torrential rains overtake them.
Shot 5: Tree blowing in strong winds.
Shots 6-7: People head for their vehicles as torrential rains fall.
Shots 8-11: Damaging straight line winds blast through a parking lot along Jamaica Bay. Intense cloud to ground lightning hits all around.
Shots 12-13: Cloud to ground lightning over the NYC Skyline.
Shots 14-17: Families and children stroll along the shores of Jamaica Bay in Howard Beach, NY as lightning strikes in the distance.


33 Replies to “Severe Storms Slam Howard Beach – Queens, NY – 7/22/2020”

  1. Nature is so strong and powerful and some ti d's people lose there lives because they go out to see more or want to get closer to it I wouldn't be out in that esp the thunder and lightning I'm so scared of it I shake. But I agree it is awesome to see it

  2. How stupid and naive can people be, do them people not know that it's dangerous being near a lake during a lightning storm, this is exactly why there's a ton of history of lightning killing folks, people need to use their brains and stop being so dumb

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