Severe Storm Damage, Granite Falls, MN – 8/8/2020

Footage of the Severe Damaging Straight Line Winds as they were happening along with the severe Tree and Structural Damage to the city of Granite Falls Minnesota.
Shot Description

1. 70 Plus MPH winds we measured as it was happening with trees going down around us!

2. Peak wind gusts ripping through trees and rocking truck.

3. Trees Down across Granite Falls

4. Tree Fallen over crushing a SUV destroying it.

5. Power Poles Fallen onto the roadway.

6. Flooding and Trees into Houses with damage.

7-11 POV of severe damage in Granite Falls MN

SID: Nick Elms
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  1. How is a state above me, getting more severe weather than me? Iowa is supposed to be severe weather prone I believe. I have only had like 4 good storms this year and that’s all and I’m also close to the Minnesota border so that’s just disappointing.

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