Semi Truck Crash And On Fire, Interstate 80, Monroe County, PA 3/21/2020

Significant early morning crash on Interstate 80 involving 2 tractor trailers – one caught on fire.

ALL Rest Areas in Pennsylvania are CLOSED due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This accident occurred in the early morning hours between two of those closed rest areas on a rural stretch of highway.

Shipping industry is under increased pressure from nationwide panic buying. Exhaustion and no rest areas may have played a role in this accident.

Shot Description

1-6. Various shots of accident scene with large tractor trailer on fire and other traffic trying to get through with emergency vehicles arriving on the scene.

7. shot of “Rest Area Closed” electronic sign at next rest area on Interstate.

(all Rest Areas are closed due to COVID-19 Pandemic)

SID: Simon Brewer


14 Replies to “Semi Truck Crash And On Fire, Interstate 80, Monroe County, PA 3/21/2020”

  1. My truck just caught on fire on interstate 81 in P.A and if one trucker had stopped with a extra fire extinguisher I would of been able to save my truck. But ofocurse these days everyone is out for themselves and f everyone else which is very sad.
    I was out in middle of the right lane waiving my empty extinguisher around to stop other trucks that were going right by me and no one stopped to help
    Ofocurse by the time the fire department showed up 30 minutes later the truck was burned to a crisp

  2. "ALL Rest Areas in Pennsylvania are CLOSED", as someone who drove for 10 year that is idiotic to do. When you are tired, you need to be able to stop and sleep. What was the outcome? Injuries,etc?

  3. It's very nice of that trucker to see if everyone is OK, but he's too close to that fire. If there was an explosion he could have been hurt. I hope the people involved got out safely.

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