Semi Drove Off Overpass In Blizzard, Goodland, KS – 4/10/2019

Blizzard conditions began to impact northwest Kansas late Wednesday evening with winds gusting in excess of 60mph at times. Blinding snow lead to slick conditions causing numerous accidents along I-70 near Goodland, including a UPS truck that careened off an interstate bridge east of town. The UPS driver actually walked away from the crash unhurt. He was checked out, but its reported he crawled out of the cab on his own power. Another crash a few miles further to the east sent another driver to the hospital as they spun their vehicle into an overpass barrier.

I-70 eastbound was closed at Goodland just before 9pm due to multiple accidents and had not re-opened at the time of upload.
Shot Description


Scenes 1-10: Various shots of the UPS semi careened over the bridge off I-70 four miles east of Goodland, Kansas. Emergency crews, including hazmat, on scene after the driver was taken away by ambulance to be checked out, but reportedly climbed out of the cab himself. This occurred on eastbound I-70 over County Road 23.

Scenes 11-14: Various shots of a single car crash along I-70 seven miles east of Goodland where a vehicle spun out from the westbound lanes and crashed into the bridge. Driver taken away by ambulance.

Scene 15-16: Snow plow that stopped near the semi wreck.

Scene 17: Blowing snow in headlights.

Scene 18-19: POV driving shots through very heavy snow on I-70.

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11 Replies to “Semi Drove Off Overpass In Blizzard, Goodland, KS – 4/10/2019”

  1. Historically March & April are the two snowiest months in this area of the country. These wide open Plains Storms are more of a high wind event, making it nearly impossible to see with any amount of snow. I have driven this particular road in a Semi Truck almost daily for the last thirty years. The crown of the road in western Kansas makes it dangers for all drivers in this type of Ice, Wind, Snow event. I see a second vehicle wrecked at the seen. By my experience cars "truckers call them 4 wheeler's" are usually driving to fast and to close to other vehicles in storms. Best wishes to my fellow UPS Driver and family.

  2. I shipped a package to California via ground from Michigan, I sure hope mine wasn't on that truck. But on a happier note I'm glad the driver is okay, this storm is absolutely nuts. I hope everybody makes it through it unscathed.

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