Port of Miami, FL Empty Docked Cruise Ships as CDC extends no-sail order

Low ceilings obscure visibility over the Port of Miami Florida as CDC issues 100 day no-sail order for cruise industry due to COVID-19 pandemic. Empty cruise ships docked at Port of Miami and lurking offshore. Desolate Port of Miami on what should be one of the busiest days of the year for cruise departures. Cruise ships are still cycling in and out of port with crew only to refuel, restock and shift crews.

April 9th press release from CDC on 100 day no-sail order
Shot Description

1) Low clouds obscure visibility at Port of Miami as run rises over Atlantic Ocean.
2) Miami Beach skyline in low clouds.
3) A cruise ship approaching dock in channel.
4,5,6) Fuel barge waiting to service cruise ships for refueling.
7) Cargo cranes sit idle in low clouds.
8) Another wide shot of port of Miami in low clouds.
9) Dock cruise ships sit idle. Vigrin’s new Scarlet Lady.
10,11) Cruise ships idle off Miami Beach in obscured visibility.
12) Mooring field boats.
13) Miami Beach skyline
14) Miami Beach traffic nearly non-existant.
15) Looking south at Miami skyline
16,17) Waterfront downtown Miami traffic during rush hour. Practically zero.
18) Marlin’s park stadium
19) Yacht at Biscayne Bay with US flags flying at dock.
20) Another wide shot of the port with low clouds over head and sun breaking in east.


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