Otter Tail County, MN Deadly Tornadoes – 7/8/2020

Several tornadoes touched down in northwestern Minnesota during the later afternoon hours in Ottertail County, MN near the town of Dalton, MN.

Footage includes multiple tornadoes and multiple angles of the same tornado that was on the ground for over ten minutes. Also included with the video are a couple of time lapse clips of the longer raw material.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Extremely large tornado with debris in the air with good audio talking about how you can smell the debris in the air.

Clip 2 – 3 Tripoded longer cuts of the tornado perfectly positioned in the shot as it moves from right to left.

Clip 4 – 5 Roof top mounted camera driving up to the tornado.

Clip 6 Timelapsed footage from all of the footage from clips 2-3. Footage speed is 1,000 times faster then the normal speed.

Clip 7 Tornado and faint rainbow in a field..

Clip 8 – 12 various clips of the tornado almost stationary in an open field.

Clip 13 Wide shot of the tornado and the storm clouds with structure.

Clip 14 Tornado stating to rope out and weaken.

Clip 15 Tornado just vanishes right in front of the camera.

Clip 16 Time lapse of all the raw footage from clips 7 to 15 of over 10 minutes of raw footage of the tornado before is vanishes.

Clip 17-18 Large Cone Tornado with debris in the rain with a white on white contrast.

SID: Melanie Metz


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  1. In Genesis 9 13-17 The Rainbow is a symbol of Elohim's Promise to never destroy the earth with a Flood Again Often people have taken this out of context Because natural floods occur . Elhoim never stated that he wouldn't destroy the earth or pass his judgments and if you think about it a rainbow it can also mean that storm is a Judgment and warning from Elohim Yahshua Jesus. Otter tail is being warned that many people are out of covenant with the Creator they are Gentiles in need of True repentance a complete commitment to Jesus . You don't have to listen you can ignore the warning signs but if I didn't care about you or your soul I wouldn't be doing as Jesus commanded of his followers.

  2. BREATHTAKING!! 😍😍😍 Here in the Twin Cities, we get hardly anything – even our severe thunderstorm warnings poop out!! If I were sensible, I wouldn't complain about that, but I love a good storm!! 😁

  3. when that tornado got thinner, did you see the "man walking in the clouds", as the Native Americans call it? Those are said to be very bad tornadoes. Jarl, TX had one that wiped the whole town off the map. Many were killed and injured.

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