Oracle Junction, AZ – Big Horn Fire Time-lapses And B-Roll – 6/17/2020

Time-lapses and video sequences of the Big Horn Fire near Tucson, Arizona. As of the morning of 6/18/20, this fire has burned over 31,000 acres.

These time-lapses and video were taken from the north side of the mountain range looking south. Not only can you see how quickly the fire was spreading, but also the intense heat is evident by thick smoke and pyro-cumulus clouds.
Shot Description

Time-lapse 1:Daytime to nigh time wide shot of Big Horn Fire on the mountain range with massive smoke plumes and pyro-cumulus clouds.
Time-lapse 2: Daytime to night time medium shot of Big Horn Fire. Detailed smoke plumes, & flames can be seen on the mountain. Grazing cattle in the foreground.
Time-lapse 3: Blue hour to night ultra wide time lapse of Big horn fire. The main areas that are burning along with embers all over the mountain range can be seen.
Time-lapse 4: Extreme wide time lapse of Big Horn Fire with the Milky Way rising above it. The light pollution of Tucson, AZ about 30 miles away can been seen on the bottom right.
Shot 5: Wide shot of mountain with smoke plumes rising in real time.
Shot 6: Extreme Tight shot of smoke and flames. This is in real time. The fast movement of smoke is the result of intense heat and high winds.
Shot 7: Medium shot of smoke rising relatively fast creating pyro-cumulus clouds.
Shot 8: Tight shot of smoke. Again captured in real-time showing the fast right to left movement and rising smoke.
Shot 9: Ultra Tight shot of smoke and flames.
Shot 10: Medium shot of smoke moving over mountain peaks that hadn’t been touched with fire yet.
Shot 11: Tight shot of the above.
Shot 12: Medium shot of more smoke. You can really see the intensity of the winds in this as the smoke plume really leans to the left.
Shot 13: The homes of Oracle with smoke over the town.
Shot 14: A dirt road leading to the massive cloud of smoke that is over Oracle and other small towns in Arizona.
Shot 15: Tight shot of smoke rising with visible flames near sunset.
Shot 16: Tight shot with shallow depth of field showing the surface wind (blowing a bush) with the fire blurred in the background.
Shot 17: Medium shallow depth of field shot showing a moving bush (wind) with the smoke in the background.
Shot 18: Ultra Tight shot of smoke rising, including thick black smoke. Flames also visible.
Shot 19: Medium shot of smoke rising, and flames with sunset colors.
Shot 20: Wide panning shot of the cloud of smoke. Other than this cloud it was completely clear overhead.
Shot 21: Wide shot of car and photographer taking photos of the fire.
Shot 22: Tight shot of photographer taking photos of the fire. Flames and smoke visible with sunset colors.
Shot 23: Wide shot of time-lapse photographer checking cameras while photographing the wild-fire
Shot 24: Ultra tight shot of massive flames and smoke on top of the mountain.
Shot 25: Tight shot of smoke and lots of flames.
Shot 26: Medium shot of smoke and massive flames on the mountain.
Shot 27: Ultra tight shot of flames and glowing smoke.
Shot 28: Tight shot of flames and glowing smoke.
Shot 29: Tight shot of more flames and glowing smoke.


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  1. Due to the Big Horn fire, I am posting this message: Tucson Wildlife Center at 13275 W Speedway, Tucson, AZ 85748 will take in rescued injured wildlife (and will set free healthy wildlife).

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