Norman Oklahoma Extremely Dense Fog, 12/26/2019

Several clips taken while driving along Highway 9 in Norman, OK between 8:30 to 9:30 AM on December 26, 2019. Dense fog has developed across the region, stretching from Central Oklahoma to Houston, Texas. Visibility at times was below 1/4 of a mile, leading to reports of a few minor crashes. A dense fog advisory was in effect from the NWS from 4 am to 11 am.
Shot Description

Clips 1-2: Show dense fog coming up to and going throw the intersection of hwy 9 and 12th Ave SE.

Clips 3-7: Are various scenes of very dense fog along Hwy 9 traveling west bound from 12th Ave SE to Hwy 35 with on coming traffic hardly visible, traffic lights hardly visible, and a few on coming vehicles not visible due to no headlights being on

SID: William Wight


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  1. It still astounds me how many people can't associate poor visibility conditions with TURNING ON THEIR HEADLIGHTS! Whether it's fog, rain, snow, hail, or even a dusk and dawn….. there are always idiots out there that simply don't understand it's not about increasing your ability to see, but others ability to see THEM.

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