Multiple Tornadoes, Waterloo, IA – 3/28/2020

Several tornadoes near Waterloo, IA during a regional tornado outbreak.

Weak satellite tornado passes over cars.

All footage shot near Waterloo, IA during afternoon daylight hours on March 28, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Shot Description

1 & 2. long white rope tornado over Waterloo, IA

3-7. various shots of a large multivortex tornado and a weak satellite tornado passing over vehicles near Waterloo, IA

8-11. various shots of multivortex, rope and cone tornadoes near Waterloo, IA

12-15. various shots of tornadic supercell storms near Waterloo, IA

16 & 17. rainbow on back side of tornadic storms near Waterloo, IA

SID: Simon Brewer


25 Replies to “Multiple Tornadoes, Waterloo, IA – 3/28/2020”

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