Minneola, KS Severe Thunderstorm Drops Baseball Hail – 5/24/2020

An outbreak of severe weather erupted across western Kansas late Sunday afternoon with storms exploding and dropping very large hail across the state. Some of the largest hail reported came down in Minneola where baseball sized hail was measured on the east side of town. Motorists along US-54 were forced to pull over and wait for the hail to cease as the onslaught of large hail hammered the highway.
Shot Description

Clips 1-3: Various shots of baseball size hailstone measured with ruler and compared to actual baseball.

Clip 4: POV driving shot as hail hammers US-54 east of Minneola.

Clip 5: Grey SUV pulled over as hail falls on it.

Clip 6: Grey SUV on one side of the highway and three semis on the other all pulled over in the hail.

Clip 7: Shot looking between vehicles in previous clip with more pulled over in the background as hail falls.

Clip 8: Grey SUV flipping a u-turn and trying to escape falling hail.

Clip 9: Wide shot of oncoming semi as a car pulls over on the shoulder.

Clip 10: Tight shot of pulled over car as semi drives by in opposite direction.

Clip 11: Oncoming traffic as hail falls.

Clip 12-13: Shots of passing traffic as hail falls.

Clip 14: Hail falling on side of the road splashing up water as it craters into the ground.

Clip 15-16: Shots of smashed windshield as hail falls.

Clip 17-20: Various shots of hail falling on the highway.

Clip 21-22: Shots looking back at storm as it crossed the highway.


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  1. I used to have to take the bus, well, still do, but not everyday. Can you just see yourself waiting for a bus and that happens. I’ve had it happen to me. Does anyone recall the Halloween blizzard 🌨. We had almost 3’ of blowing snow ❄️ in less than 36 hours. I should’ve stayed home from work but I think it was my first year at the first place I had worked in my life. Yes, I took the bus to get there. Driver was smart, did what he was supposed to do. Only plowed roads. On my way home, driver not smart. Went into unplowed road and got stuck and now couldn’t get out. If I can just see him, he’s still stuck. And that was almost 50 years ago. He was just not that smart. Lets say that his dip stick was a little to low.

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