Mexico Beach, FL 360 degree drive through view one year after Hurricane Michael

This is a 360 degree camera view of the drive through Mexico Beach, FL and eastern Bay County from just past the entrance of Tyndall Air Force Base and into western part of Gulf County and Port Saint Joe. This was part of the our one year after Michael coverage.

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12 Replies to “Mexico Beach, FL 360 degree drive through view one year after Hurricane Michael”

  1. I live in Panama City, been here since the mid 70's. Last Nov when 98 was opened up to regular traffic i got as far as El Governor before emotions became too much. We had spent a beach day there shortly before the storm.
    As i watched your video my mind went back to the 70s …. 40 yrs of growth has been taken away. Thank you for returning and remembering us and the Forgotten Coast. ❤

  2. Was that the building you passed that you stayed to film in? Absolutely uncanny footage and amazing. Thank you so much. Be wise and be careful.

    I pray you are going to go farther, through Mexico City, into Port St Joe, then past around the horn into Cape San Blas. I cannot find out from the park service if the indiginous deer to Port St Joe State Park on Cape San Blas have gone extinct or not.

    Albeit, for, fact the spit, or, peninsula was split in three pieces, the largest and most sensitive one of its type on earth for the long geological record involved 4 fabrication, of such an enormous wonder, naturally in the first place. I know you cannot go deep into the park, even to the cabins that are off limits for a trench as deep as 30 feet I heard, boring a hole into arriving at any of the campgrounds. Is there any update from last year. We have a friend whose place did make it, for what that is worth.

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