Maricopa, AZ Wall Cloud Timelapse and Flash Flooding – 9/26/2019

Transition Season Supercell Thunderstorm produces Wall Cloud and Heavy rain in Maricopa, Arizona near Phoenix.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Close up time lapse of the mini supercell wall cloud and downburst
Shot 2: Wide shot of time wall cloud and downburst.
Shot 3: Medium shot of SUV driving through ponding waters near the Santa Rosa wash in Maricopa, Arizona
Shot 4: Tight shot of cars going through a wash after heavy rains. Cars spray lots of water on each other.
Shot 5: More cars and street flooding
Shot 6: Ultra tight shot of SUV going through wash spraying up lots of water.
Shot 7: More cars with street flooding
Shot 8: Police close road
Shot 9: Tilt shot showing police car and road starting to flood because of running Santa Rosa wash.
Shot 10: Do not Enter When Flooded sign.
Shot 11: Vehicle does the right thing and turns around after approaching closed flooded roadway.

SID: Bryan Snider


2 Replies to “Maricopa, AZ Wall Cloud Timelapse and Flash Flooding – 9/26/2019”

  1. My friend recently moved into Apache junction from ellsworth rd and now lives at stagecoach trails the new built tiny houses..but i guess it got to him over time from hearing it on the radio so he finally checked it out and bought himself 3 bedroom house that comes w free cable too, but thing is he forgot..that the fact that he's living right by the mountain too plus no drainage system in that residentail lot just few days ago whencit rained and rained it had flooded up to his front porch to the walkway thankfully just there not into his house..flash floods you know.

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