Marathon, FL Waterspouts – 7/16/2017

Multiple waterspouts formed just south of Marathon in the Florida Keys Sunday evening. A total of three separate waterspouts were captured by our remote controlled HD cam over a period of 40 minutes.
Shot Description

1) Wide shot off Marathon as waterspout forms from cloud base.
2) Tighter shot of well developed waterspout offshore with boat near where it is making contact with water. Likely just watching as a spectator.
3) Tight shot of spout making water contact.
4,5) Rain foot forms at base of storm that produced waterspout.
6) New cloud bank sets up which produces two new funnels.
7) Two funnels in single frame. One in far left and one at right third. Both are drifting to the left slowly.
8) Wide shot of translucent waterspout with boat near base where it contacts water.
9) Tighter shot of waterspout contacting water with boater racing away from it towards camera.
10,11,12) Photogenic storm clouds offshore of Marathon FL.


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