Making Instant Ice! Watch water turn to ice in an instant on camera.

Here is one just for you, our fans from the boss of . I had a little fun with the brutal cold temps tonight in Minnesota and with everyone throwing boiling water in the air, to show it turning to steam, I did something totally different.

I made Instant Ice! That is correct, watch the water bottles freeze in a couple seconds in the cold temps as the sub freezing


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  1. I had exactly the same experience. I left a bottle of water in the cupholder of my car on a -10*C day, and I got in and noticed that the water was still clear, so I decided to go take a drink. I picked it up and the moment I hit the bottle with my hand the thing crystallized from the top to the bottom. I opened it thinking it might still be liquid and NOPE, it was frozen solid. So I took that frozen bottle into the house and exchanged it for a warm one instead.

  2. Love your channel. StormChasingVideo -15C filtered water, instant ice. How does that happen? Maybe I was cutting classes that day when this was explained. Shaking suggests to me that there is a desired solution that would enhance the rapid ice formation. It would be much appreciated if you explained to me what your video portrays.

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