Levant, KS Hail Covers I70 – 4/10/2019

Ahead of the blizzard in northwest Kansas were thunderstorms, some strong. A storm developed west of Colby, Kansas and covered I-70 in small hail. The temperature during the storm was in the mid-30s, only 40 miles down the road, temps were in the 70s. The storm never reached severe-criteria, but did cover the interstate in hail.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Hail falls on a car pulled over near Levant with a quick flash of pink lightning.

Scene 2-3: Two semi trucks pulled off the exit as the hail is falling.

Scene 4: Hail covering the interstate at the Levant exit.

Scene 5: Tighter shot of hail covering I-70.

Scene 6: Hail falling on I-70 in the wind.

Scene 7: Tighter shot of hail falling on I-70.

Scene 8: Hail bouncing off the road.

Scene 9: Hail falling as the storm got started near Levant.

Scene 10: Hail falling and covering I-70.

Scene 11-13: Shots toward the end of the hailstorm as hail completely covered the roads near Levant.

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