Large Hailstorm Hits Northeast of Wichita, KS With Two Inch Hail – 4/11/2020

Several severe storms erupted late afternoon in southern Kansas, northeast of Wichita, dumping hail over 2″ in diameter, covering the ground in some areas while motorists stuck in the storm had to wait it out in their cars. Torrential rain also lead to flash flooding across the area as this storm basically stayed over area for nearly two hours before it finally moved out of the area.
Shot Description

Clips 1-2: Shots of 2″ hailstones, bigger than a half-dollar coin.

Clip 3: Red truck pulled over as hail falls.

Clip 4: Oncoming semi driving through hail.

Clip 5-6: High contrast hail falling on US-50 near Elmdale.

Clip 7-8: Shots of heavy hail falling.

Clip 9: Two cars pulled off on the shoulder as hail falls.

Clips 10-12: Shots of pulled over cars in falling hail.

Clip 13: POV driving shot as larger hail falls.

Clip 14: More hailstones with a coin.

Clips 15-17: Shots of hail piled up on the side of the highway.

Clips 18-20: Flash flooding in a field outside Elmdale.

Clip 21: Wide shot of the storm as it finally moves northeast.


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  1. I've been in one hail storm coming back from myrtle beach in the 90's it beat up my aunt's minivan so bad it look like someone took a baseball bat to it was not repairable it was totaled.

  2. This is not God's work. this is weather engineering. Powered the technology that the Antichrist will use to try to convince you of 'miracles'. don't buy it. but it easter sacrifice for the jewish luciferian cabal

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