Large Haboob "Dust Storm" Overtakes Stanfield, AZ – 8/16/2020

Massive Haboob Impacts Travel on Interstate 10 and 8 near Phoenix, Arizona
Shot Description

Shot 1: Wide shot of dust storm
Shot 2: Tight shot of dust storm moving closer to homes and power-lines
Shot 3: Wide shot haboob from I-8 overpass.
Shot 4: Ultra tight shot of haboob about to swallow power-lines and homes.
Shot 5: Medium shot of leading edge of dust storm.
Shot 6: Wide shot of haboob from a different angle looking southeast
Shot 7: Ultra tight shot of haboob. Stunning movement can be seen of storm moving right to left.
Shot 8: Highway POV wide shot showing dust with sunset colors and saguaros in the background.
Shot 9: Wide shot of dust taking over the mountains.
Shot 10: Panning shot of massive storm anvil and haboob approaching about 20 miles away.
Shot 11: Pileus cloud at sunset.
Shot 12: Sunset storm off in the distance. Appears the monsoon is really starting to fire.

SID: Bryan Snider Mike Olbinski


18 Replies to “Large Haboob "Dust Storm" Overtakes Stanfield, AZ – 8/16/2020”

  1. Been in these dust storms myself in the Phoenix area. Not fun. Unlike fog, snowstorms or wildfire smoke, these storms are dirty and it smells of dirt. I hope this will be the last one for a long time. My heart goes out to the people plagued by this storm. Be Blessed!

  2. Those apocalyptic skies anymore, I have some crazy photos and videos , they opened up everything now, and seem to have total control of the weather, I know most folks will think I’m crazy , But many sad changes to Mother Earth and destruction of her even all our trees that produce nuts started prematurely falling starting last month , from Hickory, sweet gum, pecans acorns . I’m in N. Ga

  3. Ash is right, they're not that bad unless you're driving or say walking your dog. I remember the dust storm in Phoenix in 2011, I lived near Camelback Mountain and that storm completely obscured the view of the mountain. It lasted for about 3 hours and when I went to the grocery store that night around 9:00PM all the smoke detectors in the store were going off, that's how thick the dust was.

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