Key West, FL Stormy Weather – 10/8/2019

Heavy storms continue moving off the Gulf of Mexico across the Florida Keys. Ominous line of storm cloud across the waters and landmarks of famous Key West Florida. Includes both normal HD and time-lapse HD video.
Shot Description

1) Wide shot of Mallory Square as storm approaches from west.
2) Shot of cruise ship and approach storm from on top the LaConcha Hotel.
3) Storms over water and Sunset Key from on top of Pier House.
4) Heavy rain and wind hit Mallory Square as a Coast Guard cutter returns to port in Key West.
5) Heavy rain and wind as Coast Guard cutter passes in from of Pier House.
6) Rain and wind obscure palm trees at Mallory Square.
7) Wide shot with storm hitting Mallory Square.
8) US, FL, and Key West flags in rain and wind.
9) Sunset key ferry coming across channel in wind, rain and heavy seas.
10) Cruise ship obscured in rain from on top the LaConcha Hotel.
11) Dark storm clouds moving in at Key West Harbor Marina, Key West Bight area.
12) Couple walking dock at Key West Harbor Marina.
13) Navy ship in rain at Key West Bight.
14) Rain soaked docks at Key West Harbor Marina.
15) Time lapse of storm moving in as seen from Pier House cam.
16) Time lapse of storm moving in as seen overlooking Mallory Square from Ocean Key Resort cam.
17) Time lapse of storms moving across Government Cut at port of Miami Florida.

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