Key West, FL Blustery Rain and Wind – 2/13/2019

Heavy rain and wind moving through Key West Florida all day so far. Blustery wet conditions spoiling warm weather vacation plans for many. Wind and rain in south Florida. HD robotic camera footage. No audio on most shots.
Shot Description

1) Cruise ship at Mallory Square in heavy rain.
2,3) Palms trees in rain and wind.
4) Guy in sailor uniform running on dock to get out of rain.
5) Idle recreational boats in rain and wind.
6) Idle jetskis in rain and wind.
7) Palms and hotel in rain and wind.
8) Rain blasting camera looking out over Key West channel at sailboat.
9,10) Key West Bight marina in heavy rain.
11) Western Union boat dock.
12) Wide shot of Ocean Key Pier with vacant colored tables and water and storm clouds moving through.
13) Medium shot of colored tables vacant.
14) Tight shot of colored tables vacant in rain.
15,16) Conch Republic flags in wind.
17) Stormy clouds and cruise ship at Mallory Square.

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