Jack Knifed Semi Truck and Clipper Snow Storm – 2/14/2019

A clipper system moved in this afternoon for about an hour and brought heavy snow and white out conditions before moving out with high winds and blowing snow left behind under blue sky.

Footage from around the eastern Stearns County area near Saint Cloud, MN of a jack knifed semi truck after the storm and scenes from Interstate 94 during the heavy snow and bad visibility.
Shot Description

Clips 1-5 Semi Truck Jack Knifed and being helped back on the road.

Clip 6 Snow Plow.

Clip 7 Blowing snow under the blue sky.

Clip 8 – 16 shot along Interstate 94 and County Road 75 area were the heavy snow was coming down at a good rate until just as fast as it moved in, the blue sky came back to the region.


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  1. Should of been in Oregon last few days! I got the "honors" of sitting in the longest backup in Oregon history! I didnt count the hours exactly but I was stuck on the highway for a hard 20 hours, at least!

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