Isaias Aftermath, Astoria Park Queens NYC, NY – 8/5/2020

Incredible widespread tree damage aftermath from Tropical Storm Isaias in Astoria Park, Astoria, Queens, NYC, NY.
Massive trees and limbs down on cars, guard rails, lights, blocking paths and roads.

All footage shot during afternoon daylight on August 3, 2020 in Astoria, Queens, NY by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.

Shot Description

1-30. various shots of massive trees and tree branches down from extremely high winds with passing of Tropical Storm Isaias in and around Astoria Park in Astoria, Queens, NY with pedestrians walking around and still trying to enjoy the park. Wind gusts around 70 mph were recorded in the area

SID: Simon Brewer


21 Replies to “Isaias Aftermath, Astoria Park Queens NYC, NY – 8/5/2020”

  1. It's sad….that nobody in this picture… focus to seek God…these is not and never a mother nature… there's no such thing. America…we need to pray and seek God now for… answers…healings and repent for our sins ….if we're not respond the entire world will affect……pls. make your time with him and seek him through your prayers and the Bible.

  2. and those fallen trees will probably stay like that for some time. Deblahh probably has no room in his defund-Everything budget for helping public places that ACTUALLY make people happy!

  3. Life goes on, no more danger and everyone and everything is calm again. You can’t stay cooped up forever even after a big storm or hurricane. It never stopped people before. People aren’t being stupid, they need fresh air. Anything could happen to you inside your home that’s just as dangerous. Being inside isn’t always a safe place either.

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