Interstate 70 Closed Due To Multiple Semi Trucks Blown Over – 8/13/2019

Winds approaching 80mph blew through Ellis County leading to multiple semi trucks being blown over on I-70. Reports from Kansas State Patrol indicated that up to 20 semis were blown over across Ellis County. No word on the status of any of the drivers. Traffic was stopped in both directions between Ellis and Hays.

KSP closed I-70 between Wakenney and Hays due to the semis and powerlines being down.

Video package contains footage of seven of those rigs. This footage was shot before it got dark, so daytime footage of these semi crashes.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Wide shot of two semis overturned on westbound I-70.

Scene 2: Shot of semi with white cab on its side on westbound I-70.

Scene 3: Semi with black cab blown over on I-70.

Scene 4: Shot with the two semis turned over.

Scene 5-6: Side shots of of blown over semis.

Scene 7: Semi with red cab blown over on I-70 west of Hays.

Scene 8: Shot of severely damaged trailer under a bridge with another semi blown over in the background.

Scene 9: Tight shot of severely damaged trailer under the bridge with cop on scene.

Scene 10-12: Upright semi blown off eastbound I-70 well off the side of the highway.

Scene 13-14: Semi that was jack-knifed west of Hays.

Scene 15: POV driving shot in heavy rains and traffic on I-70.


21 Replies to “Interstate 70 Closed Due To Multiple Semi Trucks Blown Over – 8/13/2019”

  1. I live in Hays, (in Ellis County, we could literally see them recording this that night), and that storm was absolutely awful. I was driving back from a marching band event and my car got flooded out and died. That's how high the flooding was. I managed to get it started again and get it home but damn that was a terrible storm. Lots of people lost houses and cars.

  2. I think it is LONG past time for ALL van style trailers in the U.S. to have upper lights the same as the lower lights like the one at the very end of this video. THAT makes being seen in situations like this SO much better.

  3. Rule number one. Drive the truck. Don't let it drive you. This is what happens when you fail to do your job correctly. I'm sure these drivers had an auto restricted CDL as well. As one comment mentioned above, you get what you pay for.

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