Insane Hail Accumulation and Flash Flooding – Colorado Springs, CO – 8/5/2020

Massive hail and torrential rain hammer El Paso county causing damage and traffic delays on August 5, 2020 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Shot Description

00:00 – Drivers in Southern Colorado Springs drive down a road with accumulated hail.

00:10 – Massive amounts of hail accumulation line the sides of the road as flash flooding takes hold.

00:26 – Closer shot of previous.

00:35 – Torrential rain and hail and low visibility cause drivers to pull over into deep hail.

00:46 – Wid of an insane amount of vehicles taking cover under overpass.

00:55 – Closer shot of vehicles taking cover under overpass, even partially blocking traffic.

01:00 – Driving down Southbound I-25 as hail pummels moving vehicles.

01:13 – Close up of accumulated hail.

01:21 – Hail bouncing in grass.

01:31 – Vehicles going through flooded street, almost not making it.

01:43 – Flash flooding and vehicles driving through deep water.

01:52 – Hail splashing in water on road.

02:05 – Heavy traffic on Southbound I-25 caused by extreme weather conditions.

02:15 – Traffic travelling Northbound on I-25 through flash flooding.

02:26 – Driving through torrential rain.

02:37 – Very close lightning strike off camera spooks cameraman.


24 Replies to “Insane Hail Accumulation and Flash Flooding – Colorado Springs, CO – 8/5/2020”

  1. Do not take 19th St north of Uintah during heavy rains, storms, hail or flash flooding; the "19th St River" has claimed everything from Ford Fiestas to Jeep Cherokees.

    The SW exit point from Citadel Mall is another no-go area during heavy storms; I've seen it get deep enough there to swallow a Civic.

  2. Thank God they are not lemon sized that’s knocking out widows, destroying crops and killing people like those recently in China. America still need to seriously repent and return to its god-fearing roots.

  3. so many times you read where Good Christians are thinking they know the mind of GOD and comment about GOD's condemnation on foreign lands when they get disasters and floods, where are those Good Christians NOW?? is this NOT? the SAME Condemnation of GOD upon the people of Colorado Springs? such hypocrites.

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