Ice Tsunami hits house on Mille Lacs Lake, Isle, MN – 4/20/2020

Imagine coming home from work and seeing 20 feet of ice in your back yard or even worse, part of your home smashed in by an Ice Shove or Ice Tsunami.

With winds gusting to over forty miles per hour this afternoon, the remaining large ice field that had yet to melt on Mille Lacs Lake was pushed on the eastern shoreline like a massive Ice Tsunami or Ice Shove.

When the ice on Mille Lacs Lake starts to move in high winds, it is basically similar to a Glacier moving and will not stop until it crashes on shore and into anything in its path which will be pushed out of the way including large boulders and tracks of land and even a house.

Mille Lacs Lake is a large lake that is over 200 square miles and is about 100 miles north of Minneapolis, MN.

Footage includes ground B-Roll, Drone B-Roll and clips from inside the house with the home owner.


48 Replies to “Ice Tsunami hits house on Mille Lacs Lake, Isle, MN – 4/20/2020”

  1. Im sorry that this happen to these people. But you might want to start a go fund me account on your kitchen/ house perhaps submit it on popular yt channel to get help from donations. I wouldn't mind donating.

  2. дома из говна и палок сделаны, там ветер дунет, унесет домишко. случись у моего дома такое, со кирпичными стенами 80 см толщиной, ну поцарапало бы чутка штукатурку снаружи, во проблема то.

  3. Crazy!!! I’ve seen it happen a few time here in South East Michigan, a small town Luna Pier. Sad but amazing at the same time. Hope all goes well and happy fishing!

  4. That's horrible, Hopefully they get it Fixed and Insurance will step up and do the right thing so these people can get there beautiful lake front home fixed and back to normal.

  5. I can only begin to hear my father right now: "I knew I should have never let your mother talk me into buying lake property. Been nothing but work and more disaster!" Typical of a mostly negative Norwegian who despises spending.

  6. What a lake shore luxury home! Compare with nature, only found it built so cheaply! In fact many luxury goods, including small airplanes carry on a Walmart plastic bag!

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