Hutchinson, KS Intense Snow, Spin Outs and Crashes – 2/19/2019

A large winter storm hammered portions of central Kansas dumping nearly a foot of snow in some areas across the region. The snow came down at rates that approached 2-inches an hour leading to extremely hazardous travel along K-96 between Wichita and Hutchinson. During the start of this storm, Wichita was not seeing snow while less than 20 miles northwest, extremely heavy snows were accumulating causing numerous accidents.

Video package includes footage from several wrecks in and around the city of Hutchinson, which is 45 minutes northwest of Wichita in Reno County. Includes a semi stuck in the snow that TWO pickup trucks pulled out together, a couple of spin outs where people were trying to push cars free, and a school bus that slid off the highway in northeast Hutchinson.

Shot Description

Scene 1: Long shot of two pickup trucks that tied themselves together pulling a semi truck free of the snow on an exit ramp in east Hutchinson.

Scene 2: Shot of semi truck before it was pulled free with a police SUV sitting behind it.

Scene 3: Sheriff’s SUV pulling into the exit ramp to close it off while the trucks pulled the semi free.

Scene 4: Tighter shot of semi stuck in snow with police SUV in foreground.

Scene 5: Shot of stuck semi and one of the pickup trucks.

Scene 6: Wide shot of semi scene.

Scene 7: The two drivers of the pickup trucks tying the straps together between their two trucks.

Scene 8: Shot of another spinout on K-96 with local police on scene as very intense snow falls.

Scene 9: Man attempting to push a red car out of the snow.

Scene 10: Shot of police officer and man trying to push red car free.

Scene 11: Wide shot of school bus that slid off into the snow off K-61 in northeast Hutchinson.

Scene 12: Tighter shot of school bus.

Scene 13: Side/behind shot of school us stuck in snow.

Scene 14: Shot of school bus stuck in snow.

Scene 15: Shot of school bus and tow truck.

Scene 16: Woman standing next to an SUV that is stuck in the snow.

Scene 17: Two people attempting to push SUV free of snow.

Scene 18: Tight shot of two men trying to push SUV out of the snow

Scene 19: Wide shot of SUV stuck in snow with passing traffic on K-96 south of Hutchinson.

Scene 20: Two men pushing a car down the road.

Scene 21: Van stuck in snow on the side of K-96 from behind.

Scene 22: Shot from the front of stuck van on K-96.

Scene 23: POV driving shot passing red car.

Scene 24-27: Various shots of snow plows in the snow.

Scene 28-29: Shots of traffic driving in very heavy snow.

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