Hurricane Teddy Monster Waves Slam Scituate, MA – 9/22/2020

Massive waves and coastal flooding slam Scituate, MA as Hurricane Teddy passes offshore producing incredible swells radiating toward New England.

All footage shot during afternoon daylight on September 22, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer in Scituate, MA
Shot Description

1-16. various shots of massive waves slamming seawall and houses in Scituate, MA

17-26. various shots of water flooding around homes and streets in Scituate MA

SID: Simon Brewer


34 Replies to “Hurricane Teddy Monster Waves Slam Scituate, MA – 9/22/2020”

  1. For those wondering why anyone would build so close to the water, they almost certainly didn't. Those houses have been there a long time, mostly. Currently near Boston, the ocean is rising about one inch every 8 years. At that rate, a home you bought 32 years ago would see a 4" higher water level now. This rate is accelerating as glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica start to melt faster.

  2. People who live on the water generally have enough money to make it better when this happens.Theres places out in The Hamptons NY where you can’t even buy insurance on ocean front property.Doesnt matter—there are literally 5000-3 story beach houses side by side that can be swallowed up by a storm at anytime…They all knew that and are willing to deal with it if it happens.—it’s only money and they got plenty of it and when the sun is shining and the Margaritas are flowing they don’t care…

  3. These floods, fires earthquakes, hurricanes, locust plagues, landslides, tornadoes etc
    are just going to increase, and everything on earth will keep getting worse, as it has
    all been prophesied to happen. and while mankind refuses to ACHKNOWLEDGE his
    sin and turn back to GOD there will be no stopping these disasters. Seek the Lord
    Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins through repentance & a humbled heart and you
    will be forgiven & saved to everlasting life, but refuse and you condemn yourself to
    everlasting torment. Repent, Believe in & on Jesus Christ & that He died for you, was
    buried & ROSE again to life the 3rd day as it is written in the scriptures & call upon His
    Holy name for remission of sins, then follow Him and you will be saved. Repent and
    Believe the Gospel, be Born Again in Christ and be SAVED.

  4. This is why we moved away from the coastal areas. The weather is getting mean and much worse. I am not here to argue why or what caused it…. IT'S here, we better get ready for it and argue about why later.

  5. Why would anyone want to build a home that close to the ocean? Even when things are calm, saltwater causes havoc with your home. Now add in the fear of a storm and it possibly being destroyed? No thanks.

  6. HGTV featured Scituate in one of their shows, Beach Front Bargain Hunt or something like that. the property featured was right on the water, I wonder how that person is doing, if they even still live there.

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