Hurricane Sally Inner Eye Wall Slams Orange Beach, AL – 9/16/2020

Footage of the intense inner eye wall of the Category 2 Hurricane Sally slamming Orange Beach in near whiteout conditions.

All footage shot in/near Orange Beach, AL during the early morning darkness on September 16, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Shot Description

Clip 1 Whiteout conditions as the high winds and rain blast the areas.

Clip 2 With the power still on, the full force of the Cat 2 winds can be seen in the early morning hours.

Clip 3-4 Driving rain in the Cat 2 winds.

Clip 5 Back lit scene with a street sign flailing in the Cat 2 winds.

Clip 6 The Road Ahead Is White Out.

Clip 7 – End Extreme whiteout conditions in the worst of the eye wall as it is hitting Orange Beach, AL with whiteout conditions.

SID: Simon Brewer


24 Replies to “Hurricane Sally Inner Eye Wall Slams Orange Beach, AL – 9/16/2020”

  1. During the last 15 seconds I can see the "downburst" effect described by some people who rode out the storm – the gusts seeming to drop out of the sky instead of blowing horizontally. This effect has been associated with enhanced wind damage, and a more extreme version of this may have been responsible for the worst damage seen during storms like Andrew and Charley.

  2. WOW Thanks for sharing. I would be scared chitless doing what you guys do. My thoughts and prayers are with all those in line with Sally. You guys stay safe will keep you in my prayers as well. Great footage.

  3. Does this compare to the Iowa derecho, a wet microburst, or an extreme supercell as far as strength? Because the Iowan derecho lasted for a long time, and sometimes supercells can too. Just a curious question.

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