Hurricane Sally Aftermath, Orange Beach, AL – 9/16/2020

Boats in roads and yards, surge water in neighborhoods, cars underwater, high winds damage in Orange Beach, AL from powerful Hurricane Sally.

All footage shot during morning daylight on September 16, 2020 in Orange Beach, AL by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Shot Description

Various shots of:

-boats deposited on highways, roads, and neighborhood yards by storm surge from Hurricane Sally

-cars in water

-homes surrounded by storm surge water

-high wind damage to homes and businesses

-trees down

-light poles down

SID: Simon Brewer


37 Replies to “Hurricane Sally Aftermath, Orange Beach, AL – 9/16/2020”

  1. When you see a palm tree laying on the ground, that was a tornado that wrenched and twisted that tree. It breaks at about mid-stem, and can be flung down or out. These trees are heavy and they take quite a bit of force to break because of their fibrous nature. They are so happy and gallant! To see them on the ground, ruined, is very sad.

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  3. Lake Charles was destroyed by LAURA, but that was yesterday's news. Back in 2005 RITA gave Lake Charles 9ft storm surge 35 miles from the gulf, but nobody talked about it because a lot of people in N.O. who live BELOW SEA LEVEL didn't leave. LAKE CHARLES is 10ft.above sea level and 35 miles inland as the crow flies.

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