Hurricane Dorian Storm Surge in St Augustine Flooding – 9/4/2019

Hurricane Dorian Storm Surge along the coast in St. Augustine, FL. Lots of water over the roadway along the coast as Hurricane Dorian passes off the coast to the north. Various clips of storm surge inundating the coast and vehicles driving through the the water.

Shot Description

Clip 1 Jeep driving through the storm surge

Clip 2 Vehicles driving in the storm surge

Clip 3 Two guys sitting on a storm barrier while watching the storm surge

Clip 4 Vehicles in the rain and storm surge

Clip 5 Flooded parking lot

Clip 6 Flooded coast and road with pan shot

Clip 7 Storm surge at the sea wall

Clip 8 Low shot of the water and surge

Clip 9 Flooded parking lot

Clip 10-12 Flooded park

SID: Steve Panariello Digital Island Media


18 Replies to “Hurricane Dorian Storm Surge in St Augustine Flooding – 9/4/2019”

  1. When there is flash flooding where I live in Southeast Arizona people get cited if they're driving in flooded areas and get themselves into situations and have to be rescued. Well, nobody should ever take that risk

  2. I am wondering if anyone has any photos or any video of the marina? A couple of people we met when visiting were leaving their boats at the Municipal Marina. Hope all is ok. There has not been one report, comment or anything no matter how much I look regarding boats at the Municipal Marina. If anyone has …please post. Thanks!

  3. vehicles, and sea water are never a good combo. be rusted up in no time. feel for those that have lost there homes though, pretty savage storm. kinda thankful i'm a brit. we don't get weather like that. like ever. just rain. and maybe a week of summer if we are lucky.

  4. I don't understand why after all these disasters they don't build up the wall to prevent the water from just Rolling in! It was actually just pouring through the bricks, didn't have to come over the top…nice videos…thank you!

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